• Buying a collectors car is an ideal investment. Not only can you take advantage of the fact that HMRC class it as a wasting asses so it is exempt from capital gains tax it is also an investment that you can enjoy!
  • To avoid potential pitfalls the Autocar Storage Company can advise on all aspects of classic car ownership from selection and buying of a collector’s car to maintaining in top condition.
  • The first stage is to establish what you require from investing in a car, for example you may wish to purchase a one off exotic that will be put into storage and slowly appreciate in value, you may have a certain event in mind such as a European classic car tour or London to Brighton Veteran car run or just would like to use an exciting sports car for high days and holidays.
  • You will then have to decide on the budget, in all but a few cases you need to buy the best example you can as it is rarely cost effective to buy a care that needs work and a vehicle with a history will always be worth more in the future
  • We can then select a few models that will suit your needs and budget and start looking for potential buys
  • Once purchased you will need to plan the on going storage and maintenance of your investment.
  • We at the Autocar Storage Company can help you in some or all aspects of investing in a classic car, for more details please contact us.
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